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For years physical therapists have taped and

provided ergonomic cues and exercises. Finally

there is a product that provides a neutral shoulder

posture for our patients.


Posture & Muscle Memory

The IntelliSkin shirt stimulates these nerve endings to send specific cues to the brain that cause your tight, over-used, under-stretched muscles to relax and the opposing under-used, under-toned muscles to simultaneously contract, tone and move to protect your body’s structure. The constant flow of information back and forth from the nerve receptors in the skin to the brain provide subconscious “coaching,” instructing muscles to work together, function and protect more efficiently.

Muscle memory is created by maintaining improved posture and ergonomics during repetitive daily movements and activities such as training, driving, sitting at the computer and yard work.

Different from Taping

It is important to note that the IntelliSkin shirt is not a brace in the traditional sense. The IntelliSkin shirt retrains your body to align, protect and support itself more functionally by re-educating weak, imbalanced, dysfunctional muscles to function at a higher level of efficiency. Braces and support systems mechanically restrict the body by focusing on wrapping and limiting function.

Fitting & Purchase at LWPT

You will want to get your Intelliskin fit by a trained

professional. Your therapist can help you find

the pefrect sizing and a shirt that will help

compliment your home program.


LWPT Price: $85.00 plus tax


Fitting of Intelliskin Shirt

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