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Our clinical education manager Jessica Pare handles the interns and prioritizes them based partly upon the time we receive your application and by the level of schooling. For example a doctorate student from a graduate program requiring hours for completion of their degree gets priority hours over an undergraduate accumulating hours for their application. Our high school interns have the lowest priority as we feel they have the most time to acquire hours prior to their grad school applications.


We are open from 6am-7:30pm Monday-Friday and schedule interns for this entire window as needed. You will be following your primary therapist that has agreed to take you and is responsible for you while at LWPT. We ask that our interns dress professionally and show up on time for the shifts you have agreed to, as there are others that are typically on the waiting list. The waiting list is usually 2-3 students deep most months of the year. If you contact us 3-6 months ahead the chances of getting your desired times is very likely.


Matt can help answer further questions and can be reached at


Application Link:

LWPT Volunteer Information and Request (click here)

(email to Jessica after filling it out)


After acceptance by LWPT and you are on the schedule as a shadow or intern please complete the following 2 links:

LWPT Volunteer & Student Handbook (click here)

LWPT Volunteer Handbook Signature page (click here)



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