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Natalie Kinney, PTA
Physical Therapy Assistant

Continuing Education: Class, Experience, & Events


Juanita High School Graduatye 2008

Global Healthcare Systems New Delhi, India 2011

University of Washington BA 2012
Lake Washington Physical Therapy Intern 2011-2012

Lake Washington Physical Therapy Aide 2012-2014
Kirkland Shamrock Run Volunteer Coordinator 2013
Makoplasty Partial Knee Replacement: Dr. Bruce Rolfe May 2014

Kirkland Shamrock Run Volunteer Coordinator 2014
ACL Prevention: Dr Camille Clinton March 2015

Lake Washington Physical Therapy Administator 2015-2016

Kirkland Shamrock Run Volunteer Coordinator 2015
Apple Physical Therapy PTA Intern Totem Lake 2015
IRG Physical Therapy PTA Intern Mercer Island 2015

Kirkland Shamrock Run Volunteer Coordinator 2016
Lake Washington Institute of Technology PTA 2016
PostPartum Fitness: Holly Tanner, PT, LMP April 2016

ASTYM Techniques/Protocol Inservice: Jocelyn Riordan 2016

Running Mechanics Matthew Walsh June 2016

Observation Day with Dr. Garrett Hyman & Gary Chimes Dec 2016

Surgery Observation with Dr. Koo January 2017

Clinic Observation: Dr. Chimes January 2017

Common Ankle Injuries Lecture: Dr. Jonahtan Hall: Jan 2017

PNF Level II: Institiute of Physical Arts Feb 2017

Health Optimization Lecture: Dr. Chimes & Dr. Hyman: Feb 2017

Kirkland Shamrock Run: Volunteer March 2017

LumaHealth Webinar March 2017

PNW Lumbar Symposium Portland: April 2017

Pain Mgmt of Chronic Lumbosacral Pain: Kim Mauer, MD April 2017

The Saliba Postural Classification System: Vicky Saliba Johnson April 2017

The Integrated Systems Model (ISM) & Motor Control for the Management of Lumbopelvic Pain Diane Lee, PT April 2017

Movement-based Subgrouping Treatment Approaches for Low Back Pain: Consideration of Motor Control and Psychological Characteristics
Nicholas Karayannis, DPT April 2017

Management of the Pressure Systems through Treatment and Training of the Pelvic Floor, Diaphragm and Glottis; Gregg Johnson, PT April 2017

Integrating Directional Preference and Centralization Into the Management of Low Back Pain Josh Kidd, DPT April 2017

How "Kegels" Can be Detrimental to Patients with LBP if the Pelvic Floor Muscles are Overactive M. J. Strauhal, PT April 2017

Core Strengthening and Influences on Gait Nancy Causton April 2017

Language, Culture and Pain: Contextual Considerations in the treatment of Low Back Pain Justin Dunaway, PT April 2017

Incorporating a Neuromuscular Perspective into the Lumbosacral Exam
David Kurihara, DPT April 2017

Regenerative Injection Therapy: Consideration for Lumbar and SI Pathology Dr Rahul N Desai, MD April 2017

Neuromodulation: Update 2017 Dr Mark A Kallgren, MD April 2017

ABCs of Nutrition: Geoff Lecovin, DC, ND May 2017

Arthroscopic Shoulder Update: Samuel Koo, MD May 2017

Patella Arthritis, Surgery, & Rehab Dr. Camille Clinton Nov 2017

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in the Athlete: Vickie Otto Dec 2017

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