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HD Foam Rolls
Foam Roller

The Foam Roller

The foam roller can be a great tool to help free up different areas of the body between visits to physical therapy or your massage therapist. There are numerous ways to address areas of the body with the roll. The videos below show just a few.



Foam Roller Video: featuring Derik Broadnax

website: Dynasty Health & Performance



Foam Rolls: 6" diameter

Pro-Tec: (Blue) Medium

OPTP: (Black) Firm

Price: 18" $25.00 | 36 " $32.00

Stretch Out Strap

The patented STRETCH OUT® Strap delivers the benefits of assisted stretching without a partner. Multiple loops permit deep, gradual stretching of major muscle groups with greater safety, control and effectiveness than is possible unaided.


There are many uses for the Stretch out strap:

(click here for more)

Stretch out strap



Price: $18.00



Stretch-out strap







Green Theraband Ball
theraband red ball

Theraband Exercise Balls


Exercise Ball Video: featuring Derik Broadnax

website: Dynasty Health & Performance




Theraband Exercise Balls:

Green 65cm diameter

Red 55cm diameter

Price: $45.00








Intelliskin Shirts

Posture, good or bad, affects the way we look, feel and perform. IntelliSkin products have been scientifically proven to improve posture and alignment, by simply being worn. IntelliSkin's unique, patent pending PostureCue™ technology takes advantage of the way that the thousands of our nerve endings in our skin respond to the outside world to create an instant and predictable neuromuscular response.


Price: $95.00


What is Intelliskin?




The Stick



The Stick

Developed by professional sport massage therapists, this self-massage tool has continued to grow in popularity. A solid, semi-flexible core is surrounded by one-inch rollers to go deep into muscle tissue and flush out the pain.


Price: $30.00





Instructional Video Link:


McConnell Tape



Our facility specializes in a number of different types of taping. When purchasing tape make sure that your body and skin is appropirate for the components of the tape and adhesive in general. You will also want to have guidelines from your PT on how long to wear the tape and removal.


Taping Styles:





Price: $15.00 each

Hypafix (white tape):

McConnell (rigid brown tape):

Kinesio Tape (flexible beige):


Video References:

Patellar Taping:




Theraband Flex Bars

Theraband Flex Bars



Theraband Flex-Bars

A great tool for Lateral Epicondylitis ("Tennis Elbow") and Medial Epicondylitis ("Golfer's Elbow").


The Theraband Flexbar comes in four different versions. Each version has a specific amount of force required to turn and twist the Thera Band Flexbar. If you have just started on your Theraband Flexbar Exercises, you may want to start with the easiest: the Yellow Thera-band Flexbar is 1.375 inches in diameter and needs 6lbs of force to be bent. As you progress with your Thera Band Flexbar Exercises, you can upgrade to the Green Flexbar which is 1.75 inches in diameter and requires 15lbs to bend. The Blue Theraband Flexbar comes next with a 2-inch diameter and 25lbs force requirement. Your choice of Thera band Flexbar Exercises will depend on the type of rehabilitation you require and your body type. Inquire with your PT to determine what is the right resistance and exercises.


Price: $20.00







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