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Taping Taping is a treatment technique used by physical therapist to facilitate correct biomechanical movement, provide stability, and/or relieve stress placed on tissues. There are many different taping techniques and types of tape used to achieve these goals.


Kinesio Taping – This taping technique utilizes elastic tape to either facilitate muscular movement, or relax overused tired muscles depending upon the application. It is a non-restrictive type of tape that allows for full range of motion.


McConell Taping – This taping technique uses a stiffer tape that is used to provide stability and correct biomechanical alignment. It is commonly used on knees to facilitate proper patellar tracking. It can also be used to relieve tissue stress with acute low back pain, or provide arch support.


Mulligan Taping – This taping technique uses a stiffer tape to improve dynamic function at a joint while applying a mobilization with movement. By applying a constant force on the joint with the tape, it allows for proper biomechanical alignment, which facilitates pain free movement of the impaired joint.






McConnel Taping

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