Lake Washington Physical Therapy
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The slide Show is designed to give you a peek inside our facility.



Monday - Friday: 6am-7pm


Lake Washington Physical Therapy was designed by Paige Lasse of Office Wraps in Kirkland. We wanted to achieve a welcoming environment that promoted healing but yet maintained personal one on one treatment of our therapists.

Treatment Rooms

Our approach to treatment rooms is that they should provide the necessary privacy for our patients but yet have great function for both evaluations as well as manual therapy.


In the design of the gym we opted for maximal function. This allows us to perform large amounts of closed chain exercises including agility work and plyometrics. The field turf provides us the ability to

truly get a sense if an athlete is ready to return to

sport and game activities.






The montage represents some of the finishing touches that our contractor CBI added to the space.




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Our Mission
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Monday - Friday: 6am-7pm


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How to get to Lake Washington Physical Therapy

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