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Lecture Series 2017

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Lake Washington Physical Therapy is excited to have a great group of physicians for a night of discussion and education. The lectures are open to medical professionals, athletes, coaches, and members of the community in search of answers. The series on a whole will touch on a number of different subjects.


The lectures begin at 7:30pm and will run for approximately 45 minutes with time for questions and answers afterwards.

*Don't forget to RSVP quickly as there is limited space available.


addison Stone


Upcoming Lectures

Next Lecture: Dr. Addison Stone, MD
Spine Surgery & Rehabilitation

Thursday April 20th @ 7:30pm
Location: Downtown Kirkland Clinic


Cost: Free
RSVP: (click here)



Geoff Lecovin


Next Lecture: Dr. Geoff Lecovin, ND, DC, LAc, CSCS
The ABC's of Sports Nutrition & Supplementation:
"What You Should Know vs What You Hear From Your Bro"

Thursday May 4th @ 7:30pm
Location: Downtown Kirkland Clinic


Cost: Free
RSVP: (click here)


Dr. Samuel Koo


Next Lecture: Dr. Samuel Koo, MD
New Techniques in Shoulder Arthroscopy:

Thursday May 18th @ 7:30pm
Location: Houghton Clinic


Cost: Free
RSVP: (click here)




Lecture Series 2017



Gary Chimes & Garrett Hyman


Lecture February 28th, 2017

Dr. Garrett Hyman, MD, MPH & Dr. Gary Chimes, MD, PhD
Health Optimization

Tuesday February 28th @ 7:30pm
Location: Houghton Clinic




Dr. Hall


January 26th, 2017

Dr. Jonathan Hall
Common Orthopedic Conditions of the Foot & Ankle
Location: Downtown Kirkland Clinic





Lecture Series 2016


Doug Walsh

Thursday October 13th, 2016

Doug Walsh, Author and World Adventure Cyclist

"Seattle to Singapore a Journey by Bicycle and Sea"

Website: (click here)


Holly Tanner

April 28th, 2016

Post Patrum Return to Fitness

Holly Tanner, PT, DPT, LMP

PDF Lecture Notes (Click Here)



Lecture Series 2015



Dr. Robin Fuchs

Thursday November 12th, 2015

Dr. Robin Fuchs

Total Joint Replacement

PDF lecture Notes (click here)


Camille Clinton


Thursday March, 19th 2015

Dr. Camille Clinton, MD

ACL Prevention & The Adolescent Athlete
PDF Lecture Notes (click here)




Lecture Series 2014

Gary Chimes

November 20th, 2014

Dr. Gary Chimes, MD

Tindinopathy: Case Based Management




Dr. Bruce Rolfe

May 15th, 2014

Dr. Bruce Rolfe, MD

Makoplasty: Partial Knee Resurfacing

PDF Lecture Notes (click here)



Dr. Boone

February 20th, 2014

Dr. Chris Boone

Hip Disorders

PDF Lecture Notes (click here)





Lecture Series 2013

Dr. Jonah Hulst

February 21st

Dr. Jonah Hulst of Bellevue Bone & Joint
"Hip Arthroplasty"
Indications, Surgical Approach, Bear Surfaces, & Other Options




May 9th

Dr. Vincent Santoro


"Little League Shoulder"

How to keep our Adolescent pitchers from "throwing out their arms"

Power Point Notes (PDF) (click here)



Stan Herring

August 22nd

Stanley A. Herring, MD


"How to Keep Our Athletes Safe"
Director, Sports Spine & Orthopaedic Health UW Medicine
Co-Medical Director, Seattle Sports Concussion Program
Clinical Professor, Departments of RehabilitationMedicine,
Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, and Neurological Surgery


Power Point Notes (PDF):

Concussion Lecture @ LWPT 2013


Videos of Dr. Herring:

UW 360 October 2011: Sports Concussions (click here)

Recognizing Sports Concussions (click here)


Jason Landry


October 10th

Jason Landry, MSOM, L.Ac

Owner & Director of, Synergy Wellness

"Acupuncture for Athletes"

Presentation PDF (click here)



Lecture Series 2012Barefoot RUnning 2012

January 5th

Dr. Larry Maurer (Barefoot Running Update)




February 16th

Dr. Michael Battaglia (ACL topic/ update)



February 25/26th (Sat/Sun): Karl Kolbeck, PT (Continuing education course: Cervical & Thoracic Spine in relation to shoulder pathology) PTs & Physicians only



Dr. Robin Fuchs

March 22nd

Dr. Robin Fuchs (Total Knee Replacement)



Dr. Ghislaine Robert

April 19th

Dr. Ghislaine Robert (FIFA Soccer: World Cup Experience 2011)



Dr. Bob Adams

May 24th

Dr. Bob Adams (Preparing the US Track & Field Athlete for the London Games)



September 13th

Dr. Samuel Koo (Rotator cuff & SLAP repair update)



Dr. Gregush

October 25th

Dr. Ron Gregush (Labrum repairs & Hip Arthroscopy)



Lew Estabrook

November 29th

Dr. Lew Estabrook / Tim Clanton (Chiropractic and Physical Therapy integration for improved outcomes)




Lecture Series 2011


January 2011:
Dr. Bob Adams

Management of the Olympic Athlete


Dr. Peter Vincent

February 2011:

Dr. Peter Vincent

Tibial Stress Syndrome


Dr. Vincent Santoro

March 2011:

Dr. Vincent Santoro

Rotator Cuff & the Overhead Athlete


Dr. Chris Peterson

April 2011:

Dr. Chris Peterson

ACL Repair and Prevention


Dr. Samuel Koo

May 2011:

Dr. Samuel Koo

Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation


Dr. Larry Maurer

June 2011:

Dr. Larry Mauer

Barefoot Running


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Dr. Jonathan Hall



Holly Tanner


Fuchs 2015








Boone Lecture






Dr. Walsh





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